Lia Valero is a Colombian journalist and photographer....

Lia Valero is a Colombian journalist and photographer. With 9 years of experience she has documented different human rights, gender, and environmental topics from Bogotá and various regions of Colombia.

Lia was a Google News Initiative fellow for the Media Transformation Challenge program at Poynter Institute and fellow of the International Lab of Environmental Photography, from Native Agency. In 2020, she received the Women, Peace and Security National Journalism Award from Global Network of Women Peacebuilders.

Since 2013 she has been part of Chicas Poderosas, a global community of women and non-binary people in the media. Her work has been published at Deutsche Welle (DW), De Correspondent, VICE,, Rutas del Conflicto, El Espectador, among others.


Lia Valero

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